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The Philadelphia Missionary Church was blessed to have an own building in 2004 by the grace of Almighty.
A main hall which can comfortably accommodate nearly 1000 people was renovated.
Another hall which can accommodate nearly 125 people was constructed separately with adjacent to the Mail hall.
A prayer Garden where believers can worship for 24 Hrs was also established.
The PMC premises also consists a conference Hall, six offices and three well furnished rooms for Sunday schools.
A Television Recording Studio was also established inside the church.
The PMC church is located in the heart of the city Bern, the capital of Switzerland. It is also situated in walking distance from the Swiss Parliament.
The PMC church was dedicated on the 26th of June, 2007 by Rev. Dr.D.Mohan (President of All India Assembly of God).

Pastors from various countries took part in the Dedication service.
From India: Apt. Joseph Balchandran
From Sri Lanka: Rev. John E. Jeyaseelan / Bro. Dilan Lamp
From Canada: Rev. Vincent Sagayanathan
From Germany: Rev. Dr. Paul Ambi / Rev. Joel / Pas. Arulanantham / Pas. Albred / Pas. Soori / Eva. Stephan Para And many others
From France: Pas. Jerad Uthayakumar
From Norway: Pas. Thavarajah / Pas. Stephen Cruse
From Switzerland: Pas. Antony Joseph / Pas. George / Pas. Freddy Moses / Pas. Arumainayagam / Pas. Magalingam / Pas. Danial Ruchman
And many others
We thank the Almighty God to bless the people who came as refugees to this nation and owning a wonderful place to worship.

“Glory to the Lord”  

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