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We in Lord Jesus

Philadelphia Missionary Church

This ministry initially started with a name of ‘Tamil Christian Fellowship’ on the 23rd of September 1989 with eleven believers.


It was then renamed as ‘Philadelphia Church’ in 1992 with a great vision to reach people who never heard the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ before.

As Lord blessed our ministry unbelievers accepted Christ as their personal savior. Our church started to grow.

We felt a necessity to plant churches across Switzerland to expand his kingdom.

So, ministry was renamed again as ‘Philadelphia Missionary Church’ in 1998.

This ministry has been growing and making disciples for our Lord.


Ministry in Switzerland

Our ministry has 19 growing churches with more than 550 believers.

9 Pastors and 40 leaders have been anointed to pastor these folks.


Ministry in India

As our Lord led us we have been planting churches in India.

We have already planted 64 churches. We have 26 fulltime Pastors for more than 5000 believers who reached through our ministry in India.




  • We have a vision to reach people who have been suffering in the hand of Satan so that they could be delivered from their bondage.

  • It is our vision of being a place were the hurting, the depressed, the frustrated, and the confused can find healing, love, acceptance, help, hope, forgiveness, guidance and encouragement

  • It is our vision to plant new churches in the places where there is no church. 

  • It is our vision to build the body of Christ by ministering to the total person - spiritually, emotionally, physically, and socially. 

Mission Statement

  • To worship, praise and thank God. 

  • To encourage and educate members to become Disciples of Christ. 

  • To take the message of Christ to the community, In particular to Tamil speaking people. 

  • To break the curse upon our people in the name of our lord Jesus Christ 

  • To serve God and to minister to others who have a need or who are hurting. 

  • To model and teach to our children the love of Christ. 

  • To work for lasting peace that could be achieved through our Lord.

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